Expedition update

Expedition update our pulking journey

Because we started our pulking journey four days ago we’ve been continuously climbing toward Summit Lake, the greatest point on Akshayuk Pass (the go through which we’re traveling within Auyuittuq Park). Yesteryear 2 days we have been facing strong headwinds and windchills within the twenties below zero F. Besides the wind, the elements continues to be beautiful, with sunshine and blue skies.

Today we faced our greatest challenge yet once we ascended over 700 ft in the side of the mountain to achieve Glacier Lake. The most heavy pulks required a 2-person team to become pulled to the ridge. This meant they made several journeys up and lower the mountain. It had been challenging to be certain, but everybody walked to the plate with higher humor and awesome working together. Once we write this update, we’re tired but elated to possess arrived at Glacier Lake.

As you will see within the daily photos, our campsites have heralded stunning views. Yesterday we camped around the ice in the center of a frozen lake. We used ice screws to anchor the camping tents the very first time in this trip, instead of deadmen, which we have used when there’s deep snow underneath the camping tents, out of the box the situation tonight. Tonight we’re over sleeping the cisco kid of Asgard, a mountain made famous inside a 007 film.

Expedition update ptarmigan, and meeting

A few of the highlights of history 2 days include seeing an Arctic fox (which arrived very close selection of us, clearly interested in what sort of creatures i was) along with a ptarmigan, and meeting the task from the climb to Glacier Lake. We still balance the regulating the body temps and monitor our water and food intake, staving off frostbite or lack of fluids. Our physiques rapidly warm up once we pull hundreds of pounds of pulk through deep snow or up a mountainside, and merely as rapidly awesome lower once the winds enjoy or we stop for any drink or lunch time or to setup camp. We still bond together, and to get involved with a rhythm using the pulks and establishing and tearing lower camp. Tomorrow we’ll complete our climb to Summit Lake, after which can get to savor some downhill for some time once we mind toward Pangnirtung.

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Hammer-Tail?! Hidden Ice Block Gene Expedition!! ÔÇó Niche: Snowy Mountain Update! – Episode #21


Kailey Stephens: Seri, please. Don't overwork yourself worrying about your community, we love you and we'll never leave you! We are so happy you're well. We would all wait a eternity for you. <3\n\nEdit: I did not know I would get this many likes! I'm so happy to see everybody that will stick with Seri. ­čÖé And even, if Seri gets hurt because of stress.. Its because of those people that only care about their entertainment. Thank you all for sticking with Seri! I appreciate it.´╗┐

Joshua Ruland: Seri! Pixel Biologist! plz don't over work yourself its ok if u take breaks´╗┐

Devil's Rose: When you get a creature with armor body and hammer tail….PLEASE NAME IT ANKY X,,DDDDD´╗┐

Brandon Dunton: Name one Colby´╗┐

Devil's Rose: Brandon Dunton Coby ;3´╗┐

Kara Everdeen: Watch out, many with blind eye ressesive now´╗┐

Pasta Cross: Sander Everdeen yeah i agree maybe put some good eyes in the mutation bar´╗┐

Valet's Sing: Seri, you've actually used the name Rajyu on this tribe a couple generations ago…\n\nI think you should put a little mark on the names you've already used´╗┐

Wolfspots Aj: Valet's Sing the name rajyu hasn't been used for a long time´╗┐

SparklingTheWay: the hammer tail was the first hidden gene i found – it's such a funny image to have, just a creature with a big strong tail lmao´╗┐