Climbing asgard by means of baffin island

Climbing asgard by means of baffin island Previously mentioned and alongside

They spent a few days hiking in the Weasel Valley to Summit Lake and also the Turner Glacier, which lie in the middle of a sprawling run of mountain tops named after such Norse gods as Thor, Baldr, Loki and Odin. Photos adopted the means by show the region’s fauna and geology there’s a mix portion of glacial moraine proven in a single picture in which the river has reduce it.

As you would expect, however, the truly impressive photographs include the team’s arrival within the basin of Turner Glacier. Encircled by sheer coves, dramatically pointed peaks, enormous boulders, snow, ice, water and occasional clouds, the region genuinely does stimulate pictures of Valhalla. The reduced angled sunlight introduced through the high latitude is obscured and refracted through the many peaks, creating an impressive dance of sunshine and shadow over the faces from the peaks and also over the top of many glaciers, all expertly taken by Lee’s lenses.

This portion of the book opens having a black and white-colored two-page spread showing Mounts Frigga and Asgard with contrasting areas either illuminated by sunlight or shrouded by shadow, while clouds lightly swirl about. It’s a go similar to the work of Ansel Adams.

A couple of pages later readers encounter a set of shots obtained from at any height within the twilight of Arctic summer time. Darkened peaks rise in the crimson tops of clouds drifting underneath the photographer’s standpoint, while pale shades of orange, yellow, and crimson fill heaven.

Another two-page spread shows Asgard itself reflected within the melt water of the tarn on Turner Glacier, the mirrored peaks complimented by floating ice within the foreground having a jagged surface that nearly mimics the mountainous terrain. Very obvious blue glacial pools appear several occasions, just like additional glaciers spilling from the surrounding peaks. An aerial shot of Asgard, though small around the page, clearly is definitely the sheer wall the climbers would make an effort to scale.

After two days of analyzing the mountain, Lee writes, “the decision is made to climb a route named Inukshuk. Initially rose with a Swiss team over two seasons in 1994, Inukshuk adopted an empty line upright center from the steep, cold north tower.”

Below are the better photographs of high-risk mountaineering that individuals people reluctant to attempt this kind of activity will probably see. Portages and camping areas are proven, lending readers a feeling of existence with an extreme climb. Much more impressive would be the numerous shots from the climbers on your wall itself. Previously mentioned and alongside, several seem to be seen precariously perched around the vertical high cliff face, at occasions searching almost nonchalant or perhaps mugging for that camera.

An attempt is made at free climbing it the whole distance, but failing weather ultimately forced the audience to change to aided climbing hoping simply making the very best. On day nine, with supplies running low and temperatures shedding, they started to think about quitting altogether and retreating.

A rest within the weather motivated them to create a final scramble, but here calamity nearly struck when one climber required a lengthy fall. Fortunately his injuries were restricted to cut fingers, as Lee writes, “A damaged limb or worse such a serious and remote position might have meant big difficulties for they, given i was almost atop a thousand metre high cliff, without any nearby save service, and the possibilities of a legendary descent and 5 days walk to civilization.”

Around the nights the eleventh day, the gods arrived on the scene for that team by means of the Northern Lights, which placed on a motion picture taken by Lee’s camera, offering hope that fortune was on their own side. And even it had been. The following day they arrived at the summit and posed for any photo within nearly cloudless sky.

Amongst the written text Lee constitutes a couple of brief comments concerning the fragility from the Arctic atmosphere, the results of global warming on the place in which the Native name means “the land that never melts,” and also the looming threat of mining that may alter the landscape forever. Mostly, however, he lets his photography speak, also it states greater than words can about why this type of place ought to be forever preserved. This visually dazzling book informs an excellent story and is a superb accessory for the annals of northern climbing.

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Mount Asgard Baffin Island – Steve Backshall


Piero Favento: It looks like every fuckin climbing video on youtube needs to focus on the "life-death" side of alpinism. can't someone just fuckin enjoy a climb? Yes a shitty places nut could not be talking your heavy ass falling down the face but it's okay, every climber-alpinist knows that and you don't need to say it every fuckin 10 seconds!

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ColinOutdoors: What an amazing adventure. Baffin Island looks incredible. Awesome climb Steve and Team.

Lynda Deboer: OMG!  That was amazing!  We we hiking the Akshayuk Pass thru Auyuittuq Park and met Steve and 'Izzy' in Pangnirtung after our 12 day hike, and after their epic climbing adventure.  Our group has been waiting (impatiently) for this video to be posted!  Definitely brings back great memories of the hike.  You and the climbing group ROCK!! (and the rocks were absolutely awe inspiring as well!)

Tim Emmett: Steve, what an amazing film – for what was a one man production. Your thoughts and story are endearing, honest and what a feat that was! Thanks for sharing. ~~ Katie

Stuart McGuinness: Been there done that. A tad over hyped TV narrative. They will send a helicopter – although it could take 3 days to get you. When we were there one of two guides who are always somewhere in the park twisted or broke an ankle. There was a chopper there same day. The intimidation and scale is for real. We never climbed any rock route but went just high enough to look down on Fork Beard Glacier. I was keen  to climb Thor, which has a rumoured scrambling-only route up the back,  but we never even made an attempt – something about the place drains confidence. I heard that bridge we crossed in 2007 was down but seeing it just swept aside was scary. Thought they'd have replaced it by now. I have a Pangnirtung print of the approach to Auyuittuk National Park by a local artist adorning my living room. 

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