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Mt Friga and Mt Asgard, Baffin Island

Oh Canada!

By: Jia Condon August, 1998

First printed within the Canadian All downhill Journal 1999


            Dry because the Mojave Desert” and “fun within the sun” were the phrased I stored replaying i believe during our very stagnant trip within the Yukon this season. ( We rose only 72 hours from twenty-six)

             Along with  Wealthy and Bill Prohaska and Sean Easton,  I going to Baffin Island. Our primary goal ended up being to climb a brand new route on Mt Asgard. Pictures demonstrated a leading unclimbed buttress right from the Scott Route. We showed up in Pangnirtung at 6 p.m. on June 1. Under two hrs later, i was loaded on the toboggan, together with two months’ price of food and equipment to climb any big wall (we wished to perform a wall route up Asgard), and being towed up Pangnirtung Fjord. The fjord is at very marginal conditions for snowmobiling. The top was similar to a lake greater than an iced-up fjord, however with the experience and expertise in our guide we went to within 3 km from the Overlord  cabin  inside three hrs. Regrettably, it required us a couple of more hrs to ferry our gear all of those other method to the shelter.

            The following morning was glorious. We spent the very first couple of hrs sorting our gear. S hearty free-rack, snowshoes, and 2 weeks’ price of food were divided between Sean, wealthy and me. Bill, who’s in the sixties, generously provided to have a little also. Regrettably, our packs considered in in excess of 100 pounds.  A minimum of all of us had  Arc’teryx  packs (shameless promotion). “Stupid heavy” is when I described them. We made the decision that getting to another camp, only 15 km away, couldn’t be that bad, so off we went. It had been in this first day which i would call the long run story “ How you can Cripple Yourself”  after which began by itemizing it: First: spend $1500 to fly for five hrs within Canada. Second: walk for 30 miles (the space to Asgard) with 110lb lying on your back.. Oh I guess it was not that bad.

            The very next day, we made the decision to ferry loads. The following shelter being 10km away, we wound up walking 30km. We tied to this tactic for the following couple of days. It was not until Summit Lake that people did single carries again, our packs being lighter because of food-fuel cashes and large appetites. The very first 9km were bearable, however the last 6km of glaciers were a few of the worst of my existence. It required us over eight hrs to visit the final 6km. I’d never experienced such unconsolidated snow before. Despite snowshoes on,  you’d step with the three or four foot. of glacier snow and become sitting on the glacier ice- supplying there is ice to face on!.

            What a sight to behold. Mount Asgard– 4000ft. of lovely granite, so symmetrical fit with its twin south towers equalling four occasions the acreage of granite on El Capitian.

Mt Asgard with “Line of Credit” shown                                                                 Sean Easton, Mt Asgard and it’s picture

            To date, every single day have been outstanding. The following day we’d climb finally. Or otherwise. It had been our first bad day. The tendonitis I’d coded in my Achilles certainly didn’t mind your day off, but out big appetites were eating into our two weeks’ food. We currently determined that when we didn’t reach climbing the following day or two we would need to go and obtain more food- a 100km trip we’d rather avoid.

             The following day dawned with sufficient clouds to deep us within our camping tents, but by 10am  the elements began to interrupt. At 11 am , we stated goodbye to Bill. Inside the hour, we started, just like Doug Scott stated, “the best big wall experience with our lives”. We required 3 packs, departing the best choice to completely benefit from the sharp finish as the two seconds jumared. We rose in blocks of three pitches to maintain some momentum.

            The climbing was amazing. Cracks would continue for pitches, the other could either face climb features to a different corner of crack, of pendulum to something. Every occasionally, we’d be trying to puzzle out which approach to take, whenever we would hear Bill far below say “Up and left twenty ft,” or  “go right.” Bill viewed and documented our whole climb through his field glasses. Soon i was engulfed by heavy, wet clouds. The rock grew to become wet nearly as whether it were raining. Right now i was about midway up, so any retreat wouldn’t be fun inside a storm. Nobody spoken of these nonsense, and shortly i was climbing from the clouds. It was an enchanting here we are at me.  After feeling a couple of twinges of be worried about the elements, climbing with the cloud to become welcomed be considered a spectacular sunrise helped me feel all warm inside.

            We rose during the night by 4am found a handy flat boulder for 3. We transported a stove to melt water and prepare soup, along with a light sleeping bag each. No tent, pads or bivi sacks. We ate and drank for 2 hrs and napped for an additional two. We all know it had been a waste to rest away such fine weather.

Nap time on Asgard                                           Sean Easton and Mt. Friga

            No noisy alarms was needed I have a problem sleeping under such commiting conditions. A small storm could be very uncomfortable provided minimal gear. We currently had about another 1000 ft to visit. Each pitch just folded into another, by 1am i was around the summit within full moon. It had been a different one of individuals warm moments.

Mt. Asgard, upper headwall                                                                Sean Easton on the first pitch on headwall, Asgard

            We’d not a problem locating the descent route and our way lower the glacier. The enjoyment was over. Now we’d to posthole our long ago to camp. Regrettably, without snowshoes, at nearly every step we sank as much as our crotches (well, to my crotch – to Wealthy and Sean’s knees!). This designed for a really slow and wet process. But 46 hrs after departing camp, i was back.

            Credit line (named due to our labored visa cards) went at hard 5.10 A1 and it was rose in twenty-six 55-60m  pitches. We figure we freed a minimum of 95 % from the climb. Only half dozen pins with no bolts were placed.

            After 15 hrs rest, i was around the trail again. This time around our goal was food. Back in the Overlord cabin, i was gorging and seeking to find ways to get Bill out prior to his plane. Right now the fjord is at full split up – meaning no snowmobile with no boat access. Not a problem, it’s only 30 km to Pangnirtung. Oh, however the rivers are raging. It had been  certainly too harmful to transmit Bill out by themself, and no one were too looking forward to hiking an additional 60 km before another climb. It had been relating to this time that Tomas in the Czech Republic demonstrated up. He’d just transported a lot in and it was heading back for an additional. How convenient. He stated the rivers were indeed excessive, however that at low tide he’d had the ability to walk across the delta ice to prevent them. It had been settled. Bill would travel back with Tomas. Right now the rain had moved entirely on. Dry because the Mojave, my ass! Don’t believe all you read.

            When Tomas demonstrated up 2 days later, he told us he and Bill were built with a close call. The fjord ice these were using to obtain round the river designed for great walking, so that they remained around the ice. On they walked until holes within the ice began to look. Not a problem. They’d just walk back just a little, then reduce to shore. Regrettably, the tide was now on its way out, taking the first step floes up and taking them along. Now they couldn’t even retrace their steps. The following hour switched right into a fight for survival. These were jumping in one ice floe to another, pushing smaller sized bits of ice beneath the ice floes with ski rods so they would support how much they weigh. During this period, both of them fell using their packs on in to the cold water as much as their armpits, catching on their own the ice. One camera lost and 15 hrs later, they went to Pangnirtung.

            I was putting food aside for any big wall climb on Mt. Turnweather whenever we recognized our food wasn’t as wealthy accurately. The rationing started.

            Sean now only had about 10 days before his flight, so carrying out a big wall could be pushing it. We chosen another free route on Mt. Overlord, a leisurely 1 hour approach from camp. The low portion was full of old ropes and pitons. Soon the climbing got stiffer and there wasn’t any manifestation of previous climbers, but i was still unclear about the virginity of the route. About this climb, se required just one litre water each and private goodies for eats. We stuck with similar strategy  as on Asgard, leading in blocks of three using the seconds jumaring. After 30 hrs, i was back in the Overlord shelter. The climbing wasn’t just like on Asgard, however it was still being fun. Overlord’s west ridge was 3000ft as high as hard 5.10 with a few A1. Again, about 95 % free.

            Now the time had come to drag the portaledge. We set our sights around the north face of Mt. Turnweather.turnweather-west-buttress.jpg Sean, to be the nice fellow that he’s, provided to help ferry the masses the 12km towards the base. We did this for any couple of days as the weather was shitty after which stated our goodbyes to Sean. We anxiously waited in the Overlord shelter until we’ve got confirmation of his arrival at Pangnirtung. Then we shouldered our last loads and humped these to Turnweather. After powwow and a few scoping using the field glasses, we decided on a line. The following day was spent moving loads to the start of route.

            The very first couple of pitches were a hauling nightmare, but soon the climbing grew to become steeper and also the hauling improved. Wealthy and that i had still dirty lots of big wall climbing, so we soon learned some important training. First, we’d way, a significant amount of water. Second, we’d way, a significant amount of gear. But can you be sure what you’re have to when you’re on the floor searching up a 3000 foot face? The climbing switched to be rather east aid, after some hard freeclimbing. We screwed the majority of the belays, once we understood we’d be rapping the path. After eight nights on your wall, Dry Line (5.10 A2+) started. I ought to observe that it rained every single day and now we got pinned for just one day during

our descent as a result of snow storm.

Jia Condon with his heavy load hiking below Turnweather

            We did just one carry of “stupid heavy” loads to Overlord. After that, we radioed for any boat pickup at two o’clock the following day. After consuming all of the our food, i was in route home.



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