Adventures in film: the asgard project

Within the best mountain adventure films a effective summit bid isn’t a forgone conclusion. Through the 15-pitch climb from the Asgard Project, a film by Alastair Lee, you’re left wondering, “Are this option are likely to allow it to be?Inches

That riveting feeling of anticipation could keep viewers around the fringe of their seats. Despite the fact that it received the prize for the best Film on Climbing in the 2010 Banff Mountain Film Festival even individuals without any all downhill aspirations will love The Asgard Project. It’s just a great bit of cinema.

The feature-length flick follows the ambitious journey of British climber Leo Houlding because he along with a small team ascend its northern border face of Mount Asgard, a twin-peaked rock wall on Canada’s Baffin Island. The 6,611-feet route is a mixture of highly technical free and aid climbing through icy conditions well below freezing. So that as in the event that weren’t challenging enough, the ultimate leg from the trip aimed to summarize having a wing suit BASE jump in the summit along with a gravity glide flight to base camp.

From the outlet credits the show introduces a group of strong and compelling figures. Including Yosemite big wall climber Sean Stanley Leary and Carlos Suaréz from The country, the crew sets the scene having a skydive approach from the cargo plane that dumps men and equipment around the Baffin glacier via parachute. A fast cut off to training locations on coves in Italia, The country and Yosemite Valley builds the interest rate from the story with breathtaking feats of climbing and BASE jumping like a prelude to primary the big event on Mount Asgard.

Formatted just like a documentary The Asgard Project plays a lot more like a mainstream action movie. With sweeping cinematography along with a musical score composed within an orchestral style, the show provides an impressive yet uncontrived storyline. Having a tempo metered out from the heart thumping hurry from the ascent and also the frustrating stalls of inclement weather Alastair Lee presents a real possibility play unencumbered through the minute information on a 14-day mountain siege. Rather viewers are created to enjoy fully engaged storytelling that excites from beginning to end.

The Asgard Project is a component for that Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour and it is on DVD.

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The Asgard Project