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Based on the Asgardian cosmology you will find nine separate worlds of this dimension based on Yggdrasill, the planet Tree. Furthermore there’s a tenth realm known as Heven, but is cut-removed from the remainder of Yggdrasill .The nine realms are-

  1. Alfheim
  2. Asgard
  3. Vanaheim
  4. Jotunheim
  5. Midgard ← This really is Earth
  6. Nidavellir
  7. Svartalfheim
  8. Niffleheim
  9. Muspelheim

Visiting Asgard, Asgard is the house of a effective pantheon of gods, including Thor. It’s a small, other dimensional planetoid, whose nature and physics aren’t the same as individuals of planetary physiques within the Earthly dimension. In the edges of Asgard’s where you live now, a being or object can fall under a void, however, many unknown pressure apparently keeps the perimeters themselves from eroding.

Asgard is really a relatively flat where you live now suspended wide. Asgard doesn’t rotate about its axis, nor will it center around a star. Asgard comes with times of day and night , so some object or pressure functions since it’s star. There’s no proof of altering seasons, however servings of Asgard have been in perpetual winter while some have been in perpetual summer time.

Asgard is honeycombed with portals to another areas of the Nine Worlds, making the worlds (except for Earth) sometimes appear like on the contiguous plain. Another unique feature of Asgard may be the Cave of your time, an allegedly natural phenomenon by which passage with other occasions can be done.

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