‘thor: ragnarok’ marvel cast: meet newcomers hela, skurge, valkyrie and also the grandmaster

Marvel’s update around the cast of Thor: Ragnarok did not just add Karl Urban and Shaun Goldblum towards the selection of onscreen talent additionally, it identified the figures who’ll be joining the Marvel Motion picture World within the third solo outing for Chris Hemsworth’s Thunder God.

While names like "Hela" and "Valkyrie" are self-apparent enough to supply individuals with no comic background some knowledge of what they are getting as much as once the movie hits theaters November. 3, 2017, "Skurge" and "the Grandmaster" might appear a bit more opaque. For individuals who don’t put on time to see through five decades’ price of comic assumes Norse mythology, this is a potted form of what you ought to know of the newcomers to Asgard.


The Asgardian Goddess of Dying, Hela rules within the dual realms of Niflheim (among the Nine Worlds of Marvel’s Asgardian mythology) and Hel — one "L," to distinguish it in the Christian arena of hell, that also exists like a separate location in Marvel comic theology. Her very first, in Journey Into Mystery No. 102 (1964) established her because the ruler within the spirits of fallen Asgardian players, only one who frequently sets her sights on expanding her territory into lands full of the living too.

A continuing thorn in Thor’s side, it ought to be noted that her role as a result is actually just maintaining the household business in comic continuity, Hela is really the daughter of Loki.


The comic good reputation for the heroine referred to as Valkyrie is surprisingly complicated. The type first made an appearance like a disguise produced by villain the Enchantress like a trick to incite gender-based rebellion within the Avengers No. 83 (1970 the coverage, hilariously, sees the faux heroine yelling, "Okay, women — that finishes off these male chauvinist pigs!") however a year later, a "real" Valkyrie was produced within the Incredible Hulk No. 142 whenever a regular lady becomes host the the spirit of slain Asgardian warrior Brunnhilde. 2 yrs later, Brunnhilde would enroll in the Defenders within the 4th issue of this series, because of her having a completely different lady, also it was this version that lasted completely before the cancellation from the Defenders series in 1986 — a cancellation which incorporated Brunnhilde’s second dying.

She came back (aquiring a third lady) a few years later, before coming back towards the first lady she’d possessed for any 2001 Defenders revival — with the exception that form of the type also died. Unsurprisingly, possibly, Brunnhilde came back all over again, first as part of the key Avengers super hero team, after which leading a brand new generation from the Defenders comprised of mortal women serving as a de facto Earth-bound number of valkyrie players.


Initially referred to as "Skurge the Executioner," the Asgardian villain debuted in 1964’s Jouney Into Mystery No. 104 like a particularly violent partner towards the Enchantress, whom he was bewitched by. He continued to be a theif for 2 decades, not just threatening Thor on numerous occasions, but the Fantastic Four, Hulk and Physician Strange at various points in the hostile career — but he continued to be interested in the excitement from the fight than distributing ill will.

Dumped through the Enchantress, he eventually found redemption when associated Thor along with a gang of Asgardians on the journey into Hel to save souls of just living humans unfairly locked in the world even though the mission was effective, Skurge sacrificed his existence to make sure that Thor and also the humans could escape. Later, Hela released Skurge’s soul to ascend into Valhalla in recognition of his late gallantry.

The Grandmaster

The most powerful sign yet that Thor: Ragnarok may lead into 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War comics with the help of the Grandmaster — a cosmic being who, such as the Collector in 2014’s Guardians from the Universe, is among the Elders from the World. Such as the Collector, also, he is interested in collecting the Infinity Gems that Thanos themself has spent some movies running after, which might possibly indicate a possible plot thread for Ragnarok.

As his name suggests, the Grandmaster includes a passion for games, and has a tendency to find themself making large-scale wagers on connection between clashes between good and evil along with other massively effective entities — his very first arrived 1969’s Avengers No. 69, as he challenged time-traveling Kang to conquer him in a bet on chess with living pieces, using the fate of Kang’s lover on the line. Consider him like a gambling addict with supreme power, with the dangers that suggests.

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THOR RAGNAROK: Gives Us Planet Hulk, Hela, Skurge, Valkyrie and the Grandmaster.


Kane Schenn: what? a black Valkyrie? so pc.

Comic Power: Your comment is really dumb. The characters in the Thor Universe are virtually Gods from another dimension. The whole concept of what race they are is irrelevant because they are not human in the first place.

Diabolik771: This is gonna suck especially ruining Valkyrie.

Comic Power: The movie doesn't come out until November, so I think we should reserve judgement. I am personally excited for what they are bringing to the table. Hopefully they dont let me down.

Sequential Geek: Thor has been moved back to Nov, 11/3, to make room for Spider-Man… which is fine, I am still psyched for Ragnorok.

Comic Power: I am excited for a Thor movie in a way I have never been before. The first two were not terrible but the lead character didnt sell me on what motivated him to do what he does, and his lack of chemistry with Natalie Portman was just awkward. so both fell flat and without Hiddlestons awesome LOKI performances they would be almost unwtachable to me. But now I have a MCU movie with Jeff Goldbum and a Planet Hulk subplot. SOLD!

Pops Foster: Thank you.