[marvel motion picture world] earth is associated with asgard : fantheories

[marvel motion picture world] earth is associated with asgard : fantheories is associated with them

This theory has spoilers for Guardians from the Universe (brief mention), Thor, Thor 2 and also the Avengers, all to greater or lesser levels. In Addition, I apologise ahead of time whether it’s hard to read, it had been tossed together relatively rapidly, and I have had a few drinks.

Rapid form of this theory is: Asgard is definitely an ’empire’ of 9 planets of the Asgardians who rule from (unsurprisingly) Asgard, and Earth (among the nine realms) is associated with them. A minimum of to them.

Edit: Clarification – I mistype here when i state "Asgard is definitely an ‘Empire’ of 9 planets." Things I should have to say is "Asgard offers a real business of 9 planets."

The crux of the theory is there are two ways the MCU make reference to planets outdoors of Earth during the period of the films: It’s either the bigger universe as proven in Guardians from the Universe, that makes it obvious there are lots of space based species in touch with one another, and also the "Nine Realms" as known by Thor along with other Asgardians. Both of these interpretations appear at odds with one another, because we clearly know you will find substantially not only 9 planets, and that i in some way doubt the Nova Empire or Kree Empire belongs to the 9 realms.

Well, possibly the 9 Realms will vary dimensions? It appears unlikely, as Asgard can access The Collector as proven within the publish-credits scene for Thor II, so we don’t have any need to think that Collector isn’t the same one as observed in Guardians from the Universe.

Therefore the conclusion is the fact that the ‘Nine Realms’ make reference to a particular subset of planets inside the wider universe. This raises required, what’s particularly worth focusing on using the Nine Realms they have their very own terminology within Asgard? The reply is apparently ‘Yggdrasil’, which is called a figurative tree that describes some link between all of them. However, even understanding that is when they’re related, what’s the relevance of this? Either it’s an artificial connection someone made linking these realms, or possibly it’s a natural one. Neither possibility negatively affects the idea, being an artificial connection could be easily produced through the advanced Asgardians to permit easy accessibility remainder of their empire, while an all natural you could have initially been used to assist them to conquer it before they’d highly advanced technology, but nonetheless possessed their strong physiology.

Now we are likely to introduce something totally new in the movies: Each and every time we view Asgard interact and among the Nine realms, they’ve been either protecting it, or conquering it.

We view no manifestation of Asgard getting together with the bigger cosmos outdoors of giving something towards the Collector. This really is regardless of the apparent wars that raged (particularly between your Nova and also the Kree). However we’ve two times been directly proven Asgard protecting worlds inside the Nine Realms (in Thor one in a flashback we have seen them protecting Earth in the Ice Giants, as well as in Thor 2 we have seen Thor leading a pressure of Asgardians protecting among the realms from raiders). This means they for whatever reason view it his or her duty to safeguard the Nine Realms. Most likely because to them they own them, and therefore are protecting their interests.

Another occasions we view them communicate with the Nine Realms are their interactions using the Ice Giants, along with the Dark Elves. From the Frost Giants they won the fight and subjugated them, departing their ‘King’ in control while taking his boy Loki like a hostage for his good conduct, raising him alongside their own boy. This is extremely much consistent with actions rulers on the planet took when subjugating other nations and adding these to their section of influence.

Essentially this really is either once they overcome the Frost Giants, or (another possibility) this is actually the consequence of the Ice Giants beginning a civil war from the Asgardians to reclaim their freedom (possibly while using Casket of Winters on the planet to transform it into another realm they might use to boost a bigger army). It doesn’t matter how it began, it is extremely obvious in the finish the Asgardians pressure a ‘peace’ to the Frost Giants. This is extremely much like how Romans overcome lands to pressure peace upon them. Which adds another layer to the occasions of Thor, because the conflict Thor nearly starts is not a war, it is a Civil War.

The Dark Elves really are a sticking reason for the idea. For whatever reason their world is attached to the Nine Realms, however in the flashback it’s stated the conflict lasted 1000’s of years. However there’s another solution. When the link between the realms is artificial instead of natural, it’s possible the Dark Elves ‘hijacked’ the bond, forcing their very own world to the branches of yggdrassil, so that they could make use of the coming Convergence to power their world-destroying effort.

Now, what we should have to date is the fact that:

[marvel motion picture world] earth is associated with asgard : fantheories It appears unlikely, as

  • Asgard make reference to ‘The Nine Realms’ regardless of being knowledgeable there’s a bigger universe.
  • Asgard try and safeguard The Nine Realms, but appear unconcerned by war occuring outdoors of the domain
  • Each time we view them communicate with other people from the Nine Realms it’s to overcome them, or safeguard them

All this activity shows that the Nine Realms is really a way the Asgardians make reference to their empire. Essentially "The Nine Realms" would be to an Asgardian what "The U . s . Kingdoms" would be to an Englishman. And also to continue the example, to become Asgardian will be British, but to become from Earth (or Midgard because they refer to it as) will be from some small little trivial island they stuck a flag on the while back with no natives really being aware of what happened. And today, a couple of 1000 years later, the natives have forgotten the agreement they likely joined into at that time.

Now how come this trouble whatsoever?

Due to the Avengers (the very first movie, and not the super group). See, Thanos might have sent anybody to Earth to assert it and go ahead and take Tesseract. But he chose Loki, even though that option is may well one (he’s a minimum of some understanding of ‘Midgard’, as with Thor he describes Thor going there sometimes to ‘scare the natives’) I believe there is some thing into it.

Thor causes it to be obvious they do not know where Loki got his army from, by delivering Loki, an adopted person in the royal house of Asgard, Thanos has effectively altered this from him invading a real business, to him creating a civil war there. That’s literally what went down there, Loki wasn’t an outdoors enemy within the eyes from the Asgard, he was one that belongs to them raising arms in rebellion. Which enables Thanos to very nicely avoid any effects of his actions with Asgard once he’s the Tesseract.

Resourse: https://reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/5jc45y/marvel_motion picture_world_earth_belongs_to_asgard/

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