Loki: agent of asgard #1 review

Loki: Agent of Asgard #1

Compiled by Al Ewing

Art by Lee Garbett

Color Art by Nolan Woodward

Compiled by Mike Duke

I’m so lost with Marvel. I do not know what’s up and what’s lower. Everytime Personally i think like I’ve got a handle on what’s likely to be good and what’s not, things get switched all topsy-turvy on me. First, I completely skipped the All-New Marvel Now Point One issue since the last Point One was terrible. Ends up which i really enjoyed the All-New issue, particularly the various components with Loki. Before that, I’d zero curiosity about Loki: Agent of Asgard. Ends up I had been wrong about this, too. The problem wasn’t only fun and funny, but presents the product specifications that ought to help tie together the Loki who got his begin in the silver age using the Loki we have started to love around the big screen.

Loki_Agent_of_Asgard_1_CoverShould you haven’t read All-New Marvel Now Point One, I can’t recommend it enough, especially if you’re planning on picking up Loki. It isn’t essential for the problem, but it’s an enjoyable read and can give the occasions a bit more context. In the debut issue, we have seen Loki on his first mission permanently, provided to him through the All-Mother. Obviously, it takes entering Avengers Tower. I am not likely to spoil any one of it, but let’s just state that hilarity ensues.

A couple of things I discovered surprising and compelling concerning the issue: Loki’s motivation, and just how the storyline ties along with Marvel history. The very first plays with the thought of what it really means to become a god–what one thing is essential whenever you live forever? To Loki, it appears to become how he’s appreciated, and that’s his motivation to complete these missions for Asgard: to achieve the songs about him altered. It may be a rather typical anti-hero setup, it works perfectly. For that second, author Al Ewing provides for us some glimpses in to the Loki of old, as he only agreed to be a villain, before Tom Hiddleston made him a adorable scamp and vast amounts of dollars of film revenue came flowing in. What Ewing appears to become attempting to do is reconcile the type across Marvel history (which needs to be known as “pulling a Johns”) but he’s on course to date.

Art within this concern is directly on point. Lee Garbett’s style is slap-sticky and fun without having to be goofy, muscle-bound and super hero-like without losing expression. He’s also done a great job of bridging the space between your Loki and also the Avengers from the film world and individuals within the comics. The colour work here’s also solid as there’s a pleasant, balanced utilization of Loki’s signature eco-friendly without going overboard, as well as managing to help keep Loki and Hulk separate and different.


Purchase it. What Marvel’s nailed since a lot of other publishers are missing is fun, and Loki: Agent of Asgard has it in spades. What it really also offers, however–over a title like Deadpool–is a personality with compelling motivation and a few possibility of real depth. This really is, obviously, just the first issue, but it is also the right initial step for any title which i formerly had little interest in.

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Loki Agent Of Asgard #1 Review