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First we'll consider the origins and also the basics of every character. We'll follow that by their forces and abilities which may then lead them into battle.

Origins: Enchantress (Marvel Comics)

Amora was created on Asgard and it was trained the methods of magic by her apprentice. Too undisciplined, Amora was banished from Asgard which forced her to make use of abilities and charm to understand the strategies of magic using their company sorcerers. Amora was named the Enchantress as she grew to become certainly one of Asgard’s finest threats.

• Identity: Enchantress
• Alter Ego: Amora
• Occupation(s): Suoervillain, goddess
• Team Affiliations: Masters of Evil, Illuminati

Enchantress and Executioner

Origins: Enchantress (Electricity Comics)

A typical teen, June Moon joined a secret passage from the Terror Castle where she found a demon named, Dzamor. Dzamor gave June Moon the magical abilities of the witch while he believed she will be a mystical defender against evil.
• Identity: Enchantress
• Alter Ego: June Moon
• Occupation(s): Supervillain/super hero, witch
• Team Affiliations: Suicide Squad, Shadowpact, Justice League Of America Dark

Power & Abilities: Enchantress (Marvel Comics)

  • Mistress of Sorcery
  • Super Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhance Reflexes
  • Enhanced Stamina
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Lengthy Life Time
  • Healing Factor – cannot regrow organs nor braches safe from Earthly illnesses and infections
  • Generate Effective Blasts of Pressure
  • Heat Blasts
  • Light Blasts
  • Appearance Alteration
  • Teleportation
  • Alluring of folks – can produce a man a slave for any week by her hug
  • Telepathy
  • Illusion-Casting
  • Paralysis
  • Deflection of Matter and
  • Interdimensional Travel
  • Sleep Induction
  • Elemental Conversion

Forces & Abilities: Enchantress (Electricity Comics)

• Mistress of Sorcery
• Teleportation
• Healing
• Flight
• Telepathy
• Walk-through Walls
• Control of fire along with other elements
• Increased Amount of Strength
• Reflexes
• Potential to deal with Injuries
• Senses Magic


I always aspired to do that match especially they literally have a similar name, even though they are not the same in their own individual legal rights. The Enchantress of Marvel Comics has had the ability to perform magical feats for example having the ability to utilize enough capacity to cloud the view of the attention of Agamotto with an orb. She also bested Nightmare in the own dimension and altered Black Dark night right into a statue that Physician Strange couldn’t even change back for any lengthy time period. Amora continues to be regarded as the second most effective sorcer in Asgard. The Electricity Comics’ Enchantress is an extremely effective magician herself as even Zatanna’s magic alone couldn’t phase her and defeated Superman, Question Lady and Cyborg all at one time. It required the whole Justice League Of America Dark to consider her lower which consisted of the very most effective magicians within the Electricity World.

Enchantress versus. Enchantress

This is extremely though to inform, however it appears that both ladies are equally matched with regards to sorcery. When we looked outdoors from the magic realm Amora can lift for the most part about 25 tons and it has enhanced reflexes, agility, stamina, and sturdiness. June Moon doesn't have such physical abilities, but to become fair these two women wouldn’t use brute pressure unless of course their magic wouldn’t work at that time. The figures have really effective standard magic attacks, however they both could easily counter them so, we must consider their most powerful and many helpful abilities to provide us the best champion. As well as gentlemen! I looked hard to their ups, downs and also the champion of the fight is……ENCHANTRESS!

Enchantress using her forces

What? Oh! Right. The Electricity form of Enchantress! Wait! Don’t get mad and pay attention. Prior to the research my bet was on the Marvel version, but one thing she lacked towards the DC’s master of mysticism is her healing power. June Moon is safe from injuries meaning any attacks the goddess makes will not really be that dangerous. But your house the goddess does have the ability to hurt Moon really bad…. this wouldn’t be considered a problem as DC’s Enchantress could easily heal damaged bones, as the Marvel’s one cannot regrow organs or braches and damaged bones might be an excessive amount of work throughout the fight, as it occurs. And yet I didn’t mention the type of the Enchantress that leaves June Moon and goes full witch on, which like mentioned earlier easily defeated the Justice League Of America! Amora’s shape-shifting wouldn’t be effective neither as June Moon can sense every mysticism. Enchantress may also make use of the magic of her opponent and employ it against them, such as the time when she required magic from every magic user in the world and gave everything to Shazam to ensure that him to battle the Spectre.

Enchantress fighting the Justice League Of America

Champion: Enchantress (Electricity Comics)

Enchantress Wins!!!

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