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agent-of-asgard-3When Agent of Asgard debuted, probably the most shocking factor about this was its sheer terrificness. To not seem condescending, however the book have been wiped off (a minimum of within my circles) almost when it had been announced. It’s pretty apparent pandering to every side of the Loki fandom, possibly Marvel’s best and emotionally-invested demographic. The factor wouldn’t need to be worthwhile to maneuver copies, is exactly what I’m saying. But because of Al Ewing, Agent of Asgard is simply astoundingly, Kieron-Gillen-on­-Journey-into-Mystery-amounts of good. Could it be too soon to state that at three issues? Yeah, most likely. However I will anyway. Fittingly, Agent is extremely a continuation of Kieron Gillen’s operate on Journey into Mystery plus his Youthful Avengers (so far as Loki is worried, anyway). Loki journeys to become a good person and make amends for his sins, but his past follows him – now literally.

This problem concentrates on the classic, evil old Loki (getting been resurrected in #1), with new, hot teen Loki turning up only briefly in the beginning. In getting back old Loki, Ewing brings the readers to the first day of Asgard. Among the joys for individuals people Thor fans who’re also devotees towards the Eddic source materials are seeing precisely how Marvel plays by using it. This problem is really a Marvelized retelling of Otr’s Ransom, that is a variety of enjoyable and brilliant. It introduces a brand new conflict for youthful Loki as orchestrated by old Loki, and reintroduces old and new readers towards the relevant tales and figures from Journey into Mystery, its premiere arc in Fear Itself, its crossover with New Mutants in Exiled, which arc’s introduction of Sigurd. Additionally, it follows on Agent #1’s adventure relating to the sword Gram, formerly from the aforementioned Sigurd, and also the All-Mother’s discharge of Loki for the reason that same issue.

Old Loki may be the star from the show here. This writer was and is among Journey into Mystery’s readers who wanted simply for old Loki to remain dead and let Kid Loki run free. However that he’s back as well as in top form – and truly back, because the new Loki is basically, to gain access to another’s comparison, “an A.I. who increased a conscience” – well, I’ll be damned basically don’t admit I missed him. Only Loki could provide the best moment from the issue, that involves the slaying of Andvari in ways I won’t spoil. It’s so best to get him to back and ruining people’s lives. He’s certainly one of Marvel’s best villains, and thus thanks MCU Loki fandom for catapulting this person towards the Evil A-List. People may poker fun at individuals teen women for attempting to hug Tom Hiddleston (as though no one do), they also gave us this title. Great work!

agent-of-asgard-interiorOther, non-Loki figures featured incorporate a youthful, very ingénue-ant Odin – a depiction which makes sense and it is this type of great contrast towards the callous jerk we all know he becomes. We begin to see the return of Sigurd, hero of Asgard and something of Kieron Gillen’s best twists on Norse myth. Really, lots of Agent of Asgard is rescuing and reviving Gillen’s Journey into Mystery, from the premise (Loki like a chaotic good atoner/redeemer employed by the All-Mother) to the left-behind figures and tales. Could it be just like Journey into Mystery? Again, at three issues it’s too soon to state, however i feel within my soul it may be and is going to be.

Around the art, Lee Garbett and Nolan Woodard perform a tremendous job. The scene transition as Loki travels in the give a time long ago is marvelous, and it is always great to determine artists have fun with the comic form. Loki reaches his most sinister on-page four (six if you are using Comixology), inside a picture that’s a classically creepy. Garbett is really good with expressions, from Loki’s smug satisfaction to youthful Odin’s innocence and growing concern of Loki. The mutation of Fafnir the person into Fafnir the dragon is amazing. Woodard’s colors are fantastic – vibrant and springy if needed, and more and more dark as Loki progresses in the plot. The two’s combined focus on Sigurd versus. Fafnir is stunning, mythologically epic, and I’d like prints from it.

Overall, Agent of Asgard is really a terrific good article on all fronts. Particular kudos result from Al Ewing for consistently blowing it from the water together with his monthly titles (Hey you! Are you currently buying Mighty Avengers? No? BUY MIGHTY AVENGERS). Should you be keen on Journey into Mystery and/or you like smart, sharp comics, Agent of Asgard is the destination.



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Gaby Clar: You should read the Journey into Mystery and Young Avengers runs that came before this to get the whole story! They're awesome, and it explains how this version of Loki came to be!

Amanda K Thompson: +Gaby Clar Noted! That's a story I'm definitely interested in. ^_^

thesnake52000: I want to watch movies with you!

Amanda K Thompson: The people I watch with don't always appreciate my fangirling.

thesnake52000: +Amanda K Thompson\nLOL, their loss.

MagicOfBooks: Yah! I'm so glad you read and enjoyed this. Just so much fun, and totally agree, this whole series definitely felt like it was made just to profit off of us Loki fangirls, which I'm not going to complain, haha! Have you picked up volume 2 yet? It wasn't as good because it was referencing a lot of stuff that has been recently going on elsewhere in the Marvel comics, so it was way more confusing and I felt like Loki himself was hardly in volume 2. But I'm hoping volume 3 will be better because I think it might be the last one. And also second Gaby Clar's comment down below about also reading "Journey Into Mystery." If you loved Loki in "Agent of Asgard," you'll also love Kid Loki from "Journey Into Mystery."

Amanda K Thompson: +MagicOfBooks I haven't yet. Pretty sure my library will get it in, but I've been toying with going down to the comic book store and snagging it. That's disappointing if Loki isn't in it much. 🙁 Maybe I'll get 'Journey Into Mystery' instead.\nHahaha, it's still weird to realize I'm a Loki fangirl. But…but…character development!