Asgard (marvel comics) invades your avatar’s world

Asgard (marvel comics) invades your avatar's world the object, pressure

Is he? I’ll admit i’m not 100% clear on where Odin stands powerwise but Daedric Princes as well as their Aedric counterparts can perform such things as these:

    Asgard (marvel comics) invades your avatar's world including merging all parallel versions

  • Development of Infinite planes of existence (as with an airplane of existence that’s infinite in dimensions, it may also contain celestial physiques like moons etc)
  • Being basically in a position to define reality itself in your realm for this is an extension of yourself
  • having the ability to manipulate time (control the rate after which flows, retroactively re-write history, reverse time too,quit time, time travel)
  • having the ability to shield others from temporal effects (such as the breaking of your time-space)
  • Produce the rules the planet operates by, including straight line time etc. (essentially impose your personal version around the globe upon reality)
  • communicate with past, present and future at the same time, see past, present and future as you moment
  • his true form exists outdoors time, when his self within the field of time is broken, he is able to re-manifest within the field of time with an act of will
  • visitOrproduce parallel worlds
  • manipulate parallel versions of the object, pressure or person including enforcing certain parallel options for stated object or eliminating them (including merging all parallel versions of the object, person together, can be achieved to self)
  • break space-time (a Dragonbreak)
  • general reality warping,
  • soul,mind manipulation etc
  • isn’t a physical being
  • can essentially absorb planets or planes of existence that are not protected in the plane (the Princes can absorb the entire Mundus whether it’s divine protections stop functioning)
  • can strip the mortality using their company beings, does not have mortality of their own. (dying in TES cosmology belongs to a divine contract that the Princes did not sign essentially)

all of the relevant information in regards to the Princes are available in the thread within my signature.

I understand Odin is very effective, but could he/has he worked with beings that may perform the above before?

Asgard (marvel comics) invades your avatar's world things as

Thor vs Marvel's Superman/The Sentry (Marvel Comics: Siege On Asgard Event)


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