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I’m pleased to announce that Asgard Games of Houston, Texas, is going to be hosting a Warmachine Weekend Invitational Qualifier Event on Saturday, August 27th, 2011.



Store information:


Asgard Games

5016 Kirby Drive

Houston, Texas 77005

(713) 677-0699


http://www.Asgardgames.internet (http://www.asgardgames.internet/)


The wedding will start at 10 am, having a max of 36 players.


TO: Cody T.




You are able to register beginning This summer first, 2011.


Entry fee: 20 USD


You are able to register early at the shop or pay over the telephone with Charge Card, or via PayPal. Players who register early is going to be needed to submit each of their army lists by August 25th, via email or typed copies at Asgard Games.


Prize support come in effect, even the tournament champion will instantly be reserved a slot within the Warmachine Weekend 2011 Invitational Event.


The Format:


Steamroller 2011 Official Rules


Points: 50


2 List(s) Needed

Players must bring exactly 2 army lists. Each list needs a different warcaster or warlock.


The Hardcore painting requirement won’t be enforced only at that event.


Faster Deadlines (10 minute turns/ 5 minute extension)

Make use of the base game, turn, and extension entire next-lower event point size.


Divide and Conquer


The TO will announce the expected quantity of models to become performed at the outset of the tournament. Divide the amount of models to become performed through the needed quantity of lists for every player. The end result (rounded lower) is the amount of occasions each list should be performed throughout the tournament. Such occasions also needs to make use of the X-Round Event variant, so players know the amount of models they need to use each list.


For those who have any queries, please get in touch at Crastius@gmail.com.




Cody T.

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