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Games such as this one? - viking: fight for asgard forum for xbox 360 console - gamefaqs 7Conan, much less fun

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bob1231268 years back#1

I am just searching at other games.
Anybody have suggestions?

User Info: Fioyl

Fioyl8 years back#2The Empire Players games possess a Chinese theme, while Samurai Players is Japanese. Empire Players Gundam can also be fun, although the follow up arrives within days so you might want to watch for that. Bladestorm (for that 360) is much like the DW/SW games, however with a far more tactical slant.

I’ve not performed each one an excessive amount of (or whatsoever, that is sad since i own both), however, you might take a look at Kengo: Legend from the 9, or Tenchu Z. The approaching Ninja Blade looks promising, too.
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GamerankingsUK8 years back#3


Buy Kingdom Under Fire, an RPG, RTS, ACTION,Hack and slasher.

You will find 4 and a replacement comeing out soon. Have countless hrs of play.

Purchase It!

User Info: hipery

hipery8 years back#4Spartan: Total Warrior for GCN, XBOX, and PS2

its produced by exactly the same people too.

Also see if your computer can run the Total Free war games.For somebody who hates studying you definitely write a great deal—-FatalIncident

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chrisharper238 years back#5conan? lol I understand they are not 100% similar nevertheless its near to action. Viking is 100x better but conans only 9.99 now.The Bird from the Hermes is my name
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User Info: soul-one

soul-one8 years back#6Yes I would suggest Kingdom Under Fire.

Lotr Conquest is such as this.

Yeah or Spartan Total Warrior.

There’s very little other games such as this really.

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Shy4208 years back#7Conan, much less fun however a good play for that cost.
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Viking Battle for Asgard – Trailer 2 – Xbox360


ArtOfRuin75: shame this game gets so many bad reviews. i thought it was really good. i'm buying it again tomorrow. why did i ever trade it? lol

NomanTube94: Will it ever be Viking Battle For Asgard 2? -.-\nI hope so