Deep mental magic asgard games gpt

Deep mental magic  asgard games gpt good seeing another familiar
On Saturday, Asgard Games (in Houston) located a Legacy GPT. My friend Mike is attending GP Columbus and it has a vehicle, as i enjoy Legacy and also have a friend in Houston, therefore we made the decision wed go. Us drove out Friday night, and enjoyed 2 hrs of lightning, flooded roads, and dinner in a Honduran restaurant. We remained with my friend Ben, who lives 30 minutes from Asgard as well as plays Legacy. The 3 people remained up till 1:30 jamming games, consuming Lone Star, and watching Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Im not attending the GP, and so i wasnt very worried with the way i did in the event. Things I did know, though, is the fact that Asgard has a lot of DnT players, which 6 from the top 8 decks in their last 1K were non-blue. What exactly deck did I play?

Primary Deck:

4 Goblin Charbelcher

3 Empty the Warren

3 Burning Wish

4 Tinder Wall

4 Elvish Spirit Guide

4 Simian Spirit Guide

4 Gitaxian Probe

2 Manamorphose

4 Rite of Flame

4 Desperate Ritual

4 Pyretic Ritual

4 Seething Song

4 Chrome Mox

4 Lotus Petal

3 Lions Eye Gemstone

4 Land Grant

1 Taiga


4 Xantid Swarm

4 Carpet of Flowers

1 Shattering Spree

1 Flame Slash

1 Cave-in

1 Diminishing Returns

1 Tendrils of Agony

1 Goblin War Strike

1 Empty the Warrens

That morning we stopped at Dunkin in the morning Ben and that i are generally native New Englanders, therefore it appeared such as the right factor to complete. Registration what food was in 11:00. As we got that stuff taken proper care of, we sitting around, enjoyed the brand new bar Asgard place in, and stated hey towards the players Ive met before. Only 14 people demonstrated up (Memorial Day Weekend may have been an undesirable option for hosting a GPT), and also at 12:00 we’ve got began.

Round I: Tri playing Eldrazi: 2-1

-Game 1: I win the die roll and play a Lotus Petal. After I sac it to create a Tinder Wall, he laughs. I cast 2 Rituals right into a Seething Song, a Burning Wish, making 14 Goblins. He plays a Wasteland and states go. I swing for 14. He draws on his turn, then scoops.

Deep mental magic  asgard games gpt the Goblins-Game 2: (No sideboarding): I mull to five and a hands with no win-disadvantage. He plays a Turn 1 Thorn, and that i either die or concede shortly after that.

-Game 3: (No sideboarding): I have a hands that will get us a Turn 1 Taiga and Belcher, however i cant immediately activate it. On his turn, he plays a Tomb right into a Chalice for 1. Im very grateful its not really a Thorn or Revoker, i then exile a SSG, tap my Taiga, cast a Ritual, and Belch.

Round II: Ziv playing Mono-White-colored Humans: 2-

-Game 1: Ziv is really a youthful kid, maybe 10, whos a new comer to Legacy. He wins the die roll and plays a Champion from the Parish. Personally i think confident about this making 14 Goblins. He follows track of another Human, and also the Goblins get me there.

-Game 2: (No sideboarding): Ziv states he’s only two cards that may possibly stop me. He keeps his 7, but doesnt play anything (together with a land). Im nervous he includes a Mindbreak Trap, but yolo, and so i make 10 Goblins off an ETW. He dies 2 turns later, and shows me he’d a Mana Tithe he couldnt cast.

Round III: Eugene playing Eldrazi: 1-2

-Game 1: I win the die roll and play a Belcher which i cant activate. He plays a Chalice for 1 on his turn. Fortunately, I draw the SSG I have to activate it on my small turn, and Belch.

-Game 2: (No sideboarding): I mull to five and that he mulls to 4. He leads served by a Turn 1 Thorn, that we never play through.

-Game 3: (No sideboarding): I keep a dent 7 of Belcher, Taiga, Rite of Flame, Seething Song, Brought, and a pair of Land Grants, and hope he cant play a turn 1 lock piece. He drops a Chalice at and 1, and that i die eventually.

Round IV: Ben playing Burn: 2-

-Game 1: (This is actually the Ben who Im remaining with.) I lose the die roll, and that he constitutes a turn 1 Goblin Guide. On my small turn I Belch him.

-Game 2: (No sideboarding): He is doing something turn 1, and that i cast Burning wish at 6 Storm, crack an Brought for blue, create a Diminishing Returns, and hope I’m able to Tendrils for 25 style points. My new 7 includes a Belcher, though, and so i Belch him rather.

At this time we cut to Top 8, beside me in second, Ben in sixth, and Mike in eighth. Everybody but Mike and Tri drop, then Mike wins the finals and will get his byes! That night, we visit a Brazilian steakhouse and all sorts of find yourself having a bad situation from the meat sweats.

Overall, it had been an excellent weekend. I usually such as the Asgard scene, which there was a time the same: my opponents were good dudes, also it was good seeing another familiar faces. Looking back I’ve some moral concerns about playing Belcher and denying people their GP byes, but whatever. Karma-wise, I compensate for that by playing tier 3 decks and scrubbing out at the big occasions I am going to.




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