Asgard games

Located in the middle of Houston, Asgard Games is becoming Houston’s premiere shop for gaming. Regardless of whether you enjoy games perfectly:The range and The Exorcist: Future, tabletop miniature games like Warmachine and X-wing Armada, paper and pen games like Dungeons & Dragons and Fiasco, or  games like Catan and Codenames, Asgard has your back with gamer fun for everyone!

We have four 8’x4′ war gaming tables, 13 8’x3′ card tables along with a large private room having a fifth 8’x4′ table available that’s available for reservation.

Asgard Games continues to be named by Houston Press as well as of Houston for Hobby Shop, Geek Hangout, and finest Spot to Buy Gaming Supplies. Visit with this friendly and knowledgeable staff to determine why.

Street view of Asgard Games

Resourse: http://asgardgames.internet/

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