Asgard At-Apterture Radiance Scenes

Asgard™ (see datasheet) is definitely an advanced, physics-based spectral scene generation software program. Its highly realistic image output is fantastic for advanced training system applications and tactical sensor studies. Asgard provides high-fidelity simulation of arbitrary imaging sensors within the Ultra violet through far IR (.20-25. um) spectrum with highly-enhanced, physics-based signature synthesis and Modtran 4.-based atmospheric propagation modeling.

Asgard At-Aperture Radiance Scenes

Asgard EOIR

With JRM’s SigSim signature synthesis and atmospheric propagation library embedded, Asgard computes the at-aperture sensor-passband radiances of complex scenes under dynamic ecological and object conditions, for example time, season, geolocation, weather, entity engine cycle condition, trajectory, speed/Mach#, etc.

Asgard Sensor Effects

With JRM’s SenSim engineering-level EO/IR sensor modeling library embedded, Asgard provides component-level simulation of optics, detector arrays, signal processing and displays for realistic appearance.

Asagard Visible Atmospheric Scattering


Asgard enables you to definitely easily create and simulate an engaged tactical sensor scenario. Using its easy-to-use Graphical user interface, you are able to load your 3D terrain database, completely specify a variety of arbitrary sensors, atmospheric and climate conditions, place 3D vehicle or human models within the scene, and make track-files to determine entity motion. Mouse and joystick controls permit you to fly or drive your sensor as mounted on one through the database and also the software enables you to definitely capture still images or full movies in the sensor frame-rate.