Procopius around the slavs

Procopius around the slavs certain god, the producer


Procopius of Caesarea

is among the finest historians recently Ancient times. He was created around 500 and

died ca. 560, getting thus resided much

of his existence like a contemporary of Emperor Justinian (527-565). Procopius was an assessor

(legal consultant) on the employees of General Belisarius

and supported him on campaign in Mesopotamia, Africa, and Italia. His longest and many

important work contain past the wars of Emperor Justinian,

comprising two books around the Persian, two around the Vandal, three around the Ostrogothic wars, along with a final book ongoing the storyline on

the 3 fronts. The job covers the time 527-551 and is among the most

important sources for that sixth-century good reputation for the Empire and it is barbarian

neighbors. The excursus (digression)

around the Slavs in Book VII may be the longest description associated with a barbarian group in

the whole focus on Justinians wars, a sign from the special interest Procopius and the audience been on things Slavic. The excursus was probably designed in 550

or 551 based on information which Procopius may

have acquired through interviews with Sclavene and Antian mercenaries in Belisarius

army in Italia.

Translation from Procopius in Seven Volumes, by having an British

translation by H. B. Dewing, vol. 4 (London/New You are able to, 1924), pp. 269-273.

(VII. 14. 22-30). Of these

nations, the Sclaveni and also the Antae, aren’t ruled by

one man, however they have resided from of old within democracy, and therefore

everything that involves their welfare, whether permanently or ill, is

referred to folks. It’s also correct that in most other matters, practically

speaking, both of these barbarian peoples have experienced from ancient occasions exactly the same

institutions and customs. For they feel that certain god, the producer of

lightning, is alone lord of the things, plus they sacrifice to him cattle and

other victims but because for fate, they neither realize it nor will they in almost any

wise admit it has any power among men, but whenever dying stands close

before them, either stricken with sickness or beginning a war, they create a

promise that, when they escape, they’ll straightway create a sacrifice towards the god

to acquire their existence and when they escape, they sacrifice precisely what they

have guaranteed, and think about their safety continues to be bought with this particular same

sacrifice. They reverence, however, both rivers and nymphs and a few other

spirits, plus they sacrifice to any or all these also, plus they make their divinations

regarding the these sacrifices. They reside in pitiful hovels that they set

Procopius around the slavs god

to acquireup far aside from each other, but, like a general factor, every man is continually

altering his host to abode. Once they enter fight, most of them go

against their enemy by walking transporting little shields and javelins within their

hands, however they never put on corselets. Indeed, a number of them don’t put on a

shirt or perhaps a cloak, but gathering their trews as far

regarding their private parts they enter fight using their opponents. And both

the 2 peoples also have exactly the same language, an absolutely barbarous tongue. Nay

further, they don’t differ whatsoever from each other to look at. For they’re

all extremely tall and stalwart men, while their physiques and hair are neither very fair or blonde, nor indeed will they

incline entirely towards the dark type, but they’re all slightly ruddy colored.

Plus they live a tough existence, giving no heed to bodily comforts, just like the Massagetae do, and like them, they’re constantly and also at

all occasions engrossed in filth however, they’re in no respect base or

evil-doers, however they preserve the Hunnic character in

its simplicity. Actually, the Sclaveni and also the

Antae really were built with a single name within the remote past for these were both known as Spori in olden

occasions, because, I guess, living apart one man from another, they inhabit

their country inside a sporadic fashion.

As well as in results of this actual fact they hold plenty of land for they

alone inhabit the finest area of the northern bank from the Ister.

A lot then might be stated regarding these peoples.


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