Ron riordan on annabeth chase’s role in magnus chase and also the gods of asgard

Magnus Chase and also the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer time was launched on October sixth, 2015. Like a number of Riordan’s work, this series features mythology, this time around Norse.

*some spoilers ahead* 

Magnus Chase may be the boy of Frey, God of summer time, wealth, and lightweight. He’d to locate Sumarbrander, the sharpest sword within the Nine Worlds in 9 days with the aid of Blitz and Hearth, a dwarf and elf, correspondingly, and Mike, his valkyrie who’s the daughter of Loki, and combat Surt, god from the Fire Giants.

Now Ron Riordan is on the tour for that book coupled with announced that he’s writing a brand new book series known as The Trials of Apollo, which obviously, features Apollo, the Greek God of drugs, the sun’s rays, poetry, yet others.

Inside a recent interview, he was requested about certain aspects in the new series, together with a romance subplot for Magnus, the look of Percy Jackson‘s Annabeth Chase, and much more of Norse mythology, and the development of a brand new Greek series, The Trials of Apollo:

There’s too little romance within the first book, specifically for Magnus. Is the fact that something intend to carry through the series, or can we see other things afterwards?

I do not know. It had been intentional. It originated from the interplay between your figures. Clearly Mike being who she’s, it is not a choice. You’re simply not likely to observe that together with her. She’s not too type of girl. Whether you will see romance within the later books, I do not understand how which will engage in.

And, obviously, fans are extremely excited that Annabeth demonstrated up. Are we able to anticipate seeing her in later books too?

You will notice her again. I can’t say an excessive amount of about this. Again, it’s not really a great deal about her, but she’ll have a job. Not a crucial role, however a role.

Which Norse figure do you consider could be your godly parent?

You realize, I haven’t really considered that. I’d love so that it is Loki because Loki is simply completely awesome. However I have no idea if that might be true or otherwise.

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The Trials of Apollo

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Magnus Chase – Annabeth Theories


Midgetmoo: My theory is since at the second book Magnus says Annabeths mom was the Greek goddess Athena then you look at the last name CHASE\nLike omg mind blown and if your Percy Jackson fan then annabeths story is way different so it must be an alternate world

BlueCookies AreLyfe: Theory 2: She has 2 STEP-brothers and we know her mom is a goddess and her dad is mortal. Magnus's dad is a god and his mom was mortal. Frederick Chase is Magnus's moms brother.

westbromdude: +Emma Hind This video was made before the Magnus Chase book came out.

BlueCookies AreLyfe: +westbromdude \nIf you have read the PJO/HoO series than you should know that Annabeth dad is mortal and she has a step mom and 2 younger stepbrothers. Read the Titans Curse.

Hannah Whitham: Read heroes of olympus book 5 and annabeth says " i have a cousin and an uncle that lives in Bosten, but I don't see them much" this is reffering to Magnus. Also in the sword of summer Magnus' cousin Annabeth fits the descriptons of Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series… READ THE BOOKZ!

westbromdude: +Hannah Whitham These were not all MY theories, they were theories that I heard other people say. Also, I have read the books and I own most of them.


westbromdude: +GINGER play ONLINE This was made before the book came out…..

Daniel Su: theory 1: stupid. if people can actually read they'd know magnus's mother is natalie chase not annabeth chase. theory 2: if magnus chase is annabeth's brother then magnus would be greek and he wouldn't have been to valhalla. theory 3: in blood of olympus before annabeth and percy got caught by the giants, annabeth told piper and percy she had a uncle and cousin in boston, but she hadn't thought about them in years. i agree with theory 3.

westbromdude: +Daniel Su Just uploaded my predictions and talking points!!!