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Help to election around the Poll below. Allow us to send an indication towards the developers that people require more ideas such as these to create our game more enjoyable, intriguing and not likewise usual crap!

Here’s a concept I have been focusing on, as a result of how boring the present background game levels and spaces are (the different towns are essentially exactly the same, the dungeons all have a similar 3 stage format – yawns!!!). I am proposing a town of Angels – no, not La, but a real floating city where heroes and angels congregate.

This city could be on4 central serverswhere players can click on and do something more important only accessible here, for example :

– Buy rare products and special edition mounts within theCentral Market

– Publish and Trade your rare products for gold or sources in theExchange Market

– Challenge one another, in addition to legendary monsters within theCelestial Coliseum(3 attempts each day, win rare drops and sources)

– Go to thePort of Stars, where instanced dungeons await for parties of three-5 players (1 attempt each day)

– Tour theSoul King’s Palace, and receive weekly quests (e.g. defeat monsters, raise BR, win dungeons, etc). The King promotes players with celestial titles which increase stats.

– Feast in theHeroes Tavern, and play a round of Angel style Zynga poker against other players.Use winnings tohire special heroes found only within the city.

– Worship in theAngel’s Cathedraland gain buffs for fights during the day (including coliseum fights). The greater angels you’ve, the greater the buffs.

Hall of Portals:Enables you to go to another 3 central servers daily. Each city was created differently, and could contain products specific to that particular server (all same degree of bonus, but possibly different effects). Soul King’s quests may need you to visit these servers to do tasks.

To be able to limit the traffic, each player will get a ticket that enables access for one hour each day. Extended time tickets can be bought at 100 diamonds per hr. This ought to help with the price of maintaining these servers.

I have incorporated some mood/concept pictures too. Do you can increase these ideas and that i hope the devs will require on the ideas in certain form. Since its unlikely and possibly even futile to merge servers, this central server idea is needed to provide durability for this game and then add much-needed depth.

*I don’t own the illustrations below. Copyright of those works fit in with their particular proprietors. None of those works happen to be employed for commercial purposes.

The Celestial City

The Soul King’s Palace

Vertical gardens

The Coliseum

The Main Harbour of Stars

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مہہۧحمہہۧد عہہۧبد الہہۧدايہہۧمے: wow

DarkEmperorStriker: An insane number of attacks! This makes Golden queen look like relic of the past

A5ho9999: +DarkEmperorStriker Soul Rapier can do the same. Its the equipment that is doing a lot of the work