Pandora’s box – greek myth –

Pandora's box - greek myth - as ugly

Oh! As they are travelled all kinds of trouble that individuals had not

been aware of before: sicknesses,

and worries, and crimes, and

hate and envy and all sorts of sorts

of bad things. Unhealthy things all started to fly away like little bugs,

everywhere. Pandora was very sorry since she’d opened up the

box! She attempted to trap unhealthy things and set them during the box

however it was far too late. All of them travelled away.

However the final factor to fly as they are, as Pandora sitting there

crying, wasn’t as ugly because the others. Actually it had been beautiful. It

was Hope, which Zeus delivered to keep people going

when all of the nasty things got them lower.

Improve by doing: a task with seals and sealings

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Myth of Pandora's Box


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Anglomachian: It should be noted that Prometheus and Epimetheus were Titans, part of the generation of deities preceding the Olympians. Prometheus was the Titan of forethought – thinking before acting, or thinking things through – where as Epimetheus was the Titan of afterthought – acting before thinking, or impetuous actions – and that both had had a hand in the creation of humans.\nPrometheus had crafted men from clay, which had been given life by Athena. Epimetheus had been given the task of dividing qualities (agility, claws, sharp teeth, flight, etc.) amongst living creatures, and accidentally came to mankind last before realising he had no more such abilities to grant.\n\nThe Pandora's box story was purely a tale of divine punishment. Cross the gods, and they'll put you down. It had nothing to do with tests, worthiness, or anything of the like. It was a cautionary tale to keep your head down and know your place.

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