[marvel’s thor] what is the relationship between asgard, the nine realms and all of those other marvel-verse?

[marvel's thor] what is the relationship between asgard, the nine realms and all of those other marvel-verse? that Asgard have ambassadors
Well I believe in the present comics the whole 9 Realms continues to be destroyed. However I’ll attempt to answer the issue according to past continuity.

As it happens the 9 Realms are another dimension or alien dimension. (And boy does Marvel have many of them). The Kree around the otherhand appear in this reality just in another universe. The Kree happen to be formally found in the Large Magellanic Cloud, as the Skrull are gone in Andromeda, and also the Shi’ar are likely within the Triangulum Universe. (It a primary reason I love the Marvel space stuff within the vaguely defined and mapped Electricity space stuff).

Every occasionally there’d be some crossover like when Surtur destroyed a whole universe to forge his sword to assault Asgard.

A primary reason that Earth is really essential in the grand plan of products is it holds a Nexus of Realities that enables other alien dimensions to mix over into this reality. There’s a couple of other Nexi available such as the M’Kraan within the Shi’ar universe and also the planet Makray within the Milky Way. However the idea is the fact that typically it is just simple to mix into this reality on the planet along with other NoAR sites.

Now performs this imply that Asgard have ambassadors using their company dimensions? I do not believe that was something which really was ever explored. Among the issues with alien dimensions is the fact that at the start of earth’s history (really early just like a billion years back), effective fallen gods were driven from earth and fled in to these alien dimensions where they go about creating totalitarian dictatorships where they schemed to consider over earth along with other dimensions. So many of them aren’t actually the send a diplomatic envoy type rulers. Still it might be interesting to determine an ambassador in the Dark Dimension (Dormammu) at Asgard.

[marvel's thor] what is the relationship between asgard, the nine realms and all of those other marvel-verse? otherhand appear in this

Hmm, that jogs my memory, the 9 realms must have were built with a Magician/Sorceress Supreme, I question who it had been?

If I recall right the 9 Realms (within the Marvel world) were 8 alien dimensions (minus earth) carefully linked and next to one another. Each realm had it’s own ruler (Muspelheim has Surtur, Hel has Hela, etc.). Asgard dimension itself has some sub-realsm outdoors of Asgard for example Nornheim that is ruled by Queen Karnilla. There’s some hints that Vanaheim might not be another dimension however a subrealm of Asgard too.

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[marvel's thor] what is the relationship between asgard, the nine realms and all of those other marvel-verse? ar universe and also the

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Arian hmn: I am Norwegian, and somehow i did not realize what Svartalfheim is, even though the answer was right there in front of me.  \nLiteally, svart = black, alf = elf, heim = home…\nI am a complete and utter moron sometimes. 

Peter C.: I hate to break it to you, but Marvel isn't a viable source for explaining Norse Mythology.\nThor wouldn't go to Valhalla when he dies, because it's kinda burnt down or at least is a ruin..\nIt's "Jotuns", not "frost-giants" – that term is misleading and wrong.

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