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At first, there is only the endless abyss whereby time two worlds with one finding yourself in the south which was Muspelsheim which was a land of fireside which sprang rivers and yet another within the north which was Niffleheim certainly one of clouds in addition to shadows from whose center surged the fountain of Hvergelmir which ran twelve rivers of ice. When both of these rivers met each other, they cataclysmic encounter started to solidify thus filling the abyss. The nice and cozy air started to melt the ice and from that half-frozen mixture walked forth the very first type of existence which was the Frost Giant Ymir. (Thor Annual v1 #5)


Thus, the Golden Realm was sealed served by an impenetrable barrier stopping any from reaching it. Loki later manipulated the Angels of Heven to be able to open the passage from Midgard to Old Asgard thus locating the self-exiled Odin within the decrepit Town of Agsard. (Original Crime v1 #5.4)

Under orders using their gods, the Shi’ar mobilised their forces to capture Thor and struck at Asgardia until they acquired their target whereupon they came back to the M’Kraan Palace. (Mighty Thor v2 #15)


Locations at Asgard include:

    • Cosmic Well : located in Asgard, it was the counterpart towards the Twilight Well in the World’s Finish. (Thor v1 #197)
    • Isle of Silence :
    • Hall of Fear : a chamber in which a demon referred to as Lurking Unknown was introduced to check the fearlessness of youthful Asgardians and it was where Jane Promote was tested doing courage when Thor made the decision to marry her but she unsuccessful Odin’s test. (Thor v1 #136)
    • Tower of Solitude : a single tower which was accustomed to confine prisoners and it was where Odin entrapped the Vizier after being affected by the wizard Igron having a Storm Giant guarding the prisoner. (Thor v1 #248)
    • Hall of Lost Souls : memorial in Asgard for that fallen whose physiques which were lost in fight. (Thor v2 #32)
    • Realm Below : an enormous cavern beneath Asgard which was the place to find numerous Trolls and it was in which a dragon guarded the gates. (Thor v1 #252)
    • Heimdall’s Observatory : it had been re-erected atop Stark Tower as an indication of unity with Midgard and also to appreciate the assistance of the Avengers. (Siege v1 #4)
    • Ocean of Nothingness : (Journey into Mystery v1 #85)
    • Ocean of Marmora : (Thor Annual v1 #9)
    • Chamber of Silent Repose : (Thor v1 #136)
    • Cragmouth : home from the storms. (Thor: Godstorm v1 #1)
    • Doorways of Dramir : entrance that brought towards the Imperial chamber of Odin. (Thor: Boy of Asgard v1 #1)
    • Great Hall of Heroes : (Thor: Boy of Asgard v1 #1)

Asgard (marvel) - multiversal omnipedia In Avengers

  • Gundershelm : site from the Glade of Crystals. (Thor v1 #136)
  • Gymirsgard : a rustic inside the arena of Asgard. (Thor Annual v1 #2)
  • Hall of Lost Souls : (Thor v2 #32)
  • Hlidskjalf : a mountain peak in Asgard. (Thor v1 #338)
  • Isle of Silence : (Avengers v1 #1)
  • Skornheim : (Thor v1 #320)
  • Lake of Lilitha : a lengthy dried out lake whose sand could revive the dead using the tears of a family member. (Thor: Boy of Asgard v1 #5)
  • Cave of Ages :
  • Old Asgard :
  • Cragmouth : forbidden dwellings from the storms when they weren’t raging on the horizon using the gods even shunning el born area of dreaded labyrinths. (Thor: Godstorm v1 #1)
  • Nibelheim : a dark undercover land which was the domain from the Gnomes. (Thor v1 #295)

Races indigenous to Asgard and it is sister realms:

  • Asgardians :
  • Storms : sentient living storms which were recognized for their rage together dwelling in Cragmouth when away from the skies. (Thor: Godstorm v1 #1)
  • Gnomes : also referred to as the Nibelungs towards the gods who have been diminutive beings. (Thor v1 #295)

Creatures indigenous to the realms include:

  • Spiders of Hel : large demonic appearing spiders a number of whom resided in Niffleheim in the Shore of Corpses. (Mighty Thor v2 #14)

In Asgard, there resided the Elixir of Knowledge which was fatal to mortals who died after eating and enjoying it. (Thor v2 #62)

Tarnhelm would be a crown that whenever worn permitted the wearer to alter their shape into any type. Another was the Ring from the Nibelungs which was from the Rhinegold and caused all to lust after it but never knowing happiness. (Thor v1 #295) Another artifact stored through the Asgardians was the Jewel of Infinite Suns forged in the heart of the star and held great power. (Thor v2 #32)


  • Asgard was produced by Stan Lee, Ray Lieber and Jack Kirby where it made its very first in Journey into Mystery v1 #83 (October 1962).
  • It took it’s origin from the mythological Asgard in Norse legends and adapted for Marvel Comics.

Alternate Versions

  • In Thor v2 #68-#79 (2003/2004), another future was proven where Allfather Odin died and Thor ascended towards the throne throughout the occasions of the Reigning. Lord Thor grew to become corrupted by power whereupon he introduced Asgard to Earth only so that it is attacked through the Consortium of Nations. Consequently, he forced the combination of Asgard and Midgard after killing his human self Mike Olson. After conquering Earth, he earned New Asgard after merging his home with New You are able to City. New Asgard was ruled by Lord Thor together with his wife Queen Amora with their boy Magni.
  • In Ultimate Comics: Thor (2010-2011), a chamber inside the World Tree was proven referred to as Room Without Any Doorways that may be utilized as a prison.

In other media


  • Within The Marvel Super Heroes, Asgard came out within the Thor segments from the animated cartoons. It had been an extradimensional realm which was utilized with the Rainbow Bridge.
  • In Spider-Man and the Amazing Buddies, Asgard was pointed out and proven within the episode “The Vengeance of Loki”. Thor would show the world-eternal to Spider-Man, Firetar and Iceman once they believed he was a regular super hero. One of the locations within Asgard incorporated the Forest of Thorns, the Desert of Despair and also the Ocean of Flames.
  • Within The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Asgard featured in many episodes within the animated series beginning using the micro-episodes featuring Thor. It had been among the worlds within the Nine Realms and it was the place to find the race of Asgardians who have been ruled through the All-Father Odin. Asgard faced numerous attacks in the Frost Giants who’d attacked the world Eternals because of the treachery of Loki.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man, Asgard came out within the animated series beginning within the episode “Field Trip”. After Thor was switched right into a frog, he required Spider-Man and the team towards the realm eternal to prevent Loki’s plans. Once they showed up, they saw Asgard frozen in ice through the Frost Giants which had allied with Loki. It had been freed by the assistance of the heroes that were able to defeat Loki.
  • In Avengers Assemble, Asgard made numerous appearances within the animated series. The episode “To the training Hall” established the Hall of Learning like a place where Asgardians received learning various arts with Loki taking on greatest scores. Participants were involved with categories of three therefore, the Players Three where they involved in various trials that incorporated combat. Within the episode “Downgraded”, the world of Vanaheim was proven to carry Shadow Nyxes which were quadpedal cyclops monsters that given on electricity and increased in dimensions in addition to power but were stored away through the Great Light that destroyed them.
  • In Protector from the Universe, Asgard was referenced within the animated tv series where it had been pointed out within the episode “Stuck within the Metal Along With YouInch. It had been mentioned to had created a pact with Spartax to finish hostilities having a memorial to commemorate the wedding placed in the world Retsemaw. Loki tried to orchestrate occasions to create hostilities between Asgard and Spartax. In “We’re the planet Tree”, it had been says the conflict between Asgard and Spartax came because of J-Son’s attempt for using the Cosmic Seed that which had emerged in the World Tree Yggdrassil in Asgard.


  • In Hulk Versus. Thor, Asgard featured heavily within the animated film included in the setting where it had been referred to as the world eternal and residential towards the Asgardians.
  • In Thor: Tales of Asgard, Asgard featured within the plotline from the animated film setting.
  • Within the Marvel Motion picture World, Asgard made an appearance within the shared continuity setting.
  • In Thor, Asgard made its very first within the live-action film where it had been an extradimensional world known as the world eternal and residential towards the Asgardians.
  • In Thor: The Dark World, Asgard once more came out included in the live-action film follow up. After discovering the Aether in Jane Promote, Malekith brought his Dark Elves inside a stealth attack against Asgard. Their lightning strike brought towards the dying of numerous Asgardians including Queen Freya because the Aether was retrieved.

Game titles

  • In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Asgard offered among the playable levels hanging around the player visited following the Masters of Evil’s forces invaded it. Among the locations there incorporated the Raven’s Spire where Physician Disaster and Loki required the captive Odin.
  • In Thor: God of Thunder, Asgard featured as one of the settings within the gaming tie-to the movie Thor. One of the locations inside the arena of the Asgardians was the world referred to as Althing
  • In Marvel: Contest of Champions, numerous locations in Asgard were proven within the iOS gaming using these such as the Asgard Power Station, Asgard Throne Room and Asgard Vault.


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Asgard (marvel) - multiversal omnipedia was the Frost Giant Ymir

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